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FUNKYLB is a Philly-based ASCAP member, musician, songwriter and composer who plays bass, guitar, keys and adds vocals in several bands. She writes and records her own music in her small studio (Lady Brown's Child Studios) and composes music for short films and spoken word projects. If you're a filmmaker in need of a score, please CONTACT ME!  I offer competitive scoring rates with a swift turn-around time.

JANUARY 24, 2015

PROMO VIDEO for my 3rd single: water breath fire flesh: andante. A before and after video clip of the song as I was working on writing it and then a snippet of how it developed at the recording stage.  This single will be available in my STORE on FEBRUARY 1ST.

PROMO VIDEO--wbff andante before and after

JAN 2015:

Check out my profile on IndieNation. You can stream my 2nd single "You Want This" in full, for free there.



DEC 2014:

The first and second tracks (REACH ME and YOU WANT THIS) from my digital ep, WATER. BREATH. FIRE. FLESH. are now both available for download on right here on my website STORE. This ep has been a beast of hard work, setbacks and pure joy. I wrote, performed and recorded every aspect of it on my own in my home studio (Lady Brown’s Child Studios). I've been recording myself and making songs available for download on my various websites for at least 12 years. The stakes are higher for this project because I know so much more about audio production and composition than I did in those early years. The more you know; the more you're aware of how much you DON'T know and the more afraid you are to release personal art into a hyper-critical, bullying from behind faceless computer IP's world.

In any I switched course away from setting aside my own music to work as a 'journeyman' in a few bands over the years, I started to remember how much I love this stuff!!! From researching and purchasing hardware, software and instruments for recording and mixing to figuring out how I'm going to make the songs from this ep come alive onstage with just me by myself playing synths/keys, guitar, drums, bass and singing all parts within the span of single songs with the help of some looping and vocal processing pedals. (Aside: I've got a few LOOP PEDAL videos up that show my process for mapping this out from both a tools and a performance view
HERE).  Recording this ep and moving in a solo performer direction has been a JOY! I had lost sight of my real purpose for a minute, but The Creator picked me up and turned me around and set me back on my path. Won't He Do It!!! Thank you, Master, for my sensitive soul and for this gift of music that lives in me. Check the promo videos below. Full mixed and mastered mp3s are available now in the FUNKYLB STORE!!!


PROMO VIDEO for YOU WANT THIS. Available for download now

The stripped down version of the EP song AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD NOW IN MY STORE





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